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Would you like to enjoy a 12 pack of bottles or a 5 gallon keg of Elevate Kombucha delivered right to your door?

Having an event and need a handcrafted non-alcoholic beverage option? 

We've got you covered. Place an order today!


If you'd like to offer our kombucha on tap or by the bottle at your establishment, please contact us directly for wholesale pricing and fees:


5 gallons of kombucha in a stainless steel sanke or corny keg = $85

Case of 12oz bottles = $40 (mix and match flavors)

Keg deposit = $100 (fully refundable once the keg is returned)

Delivery within 20 miles of Eugene = FREE

Delivery within 120 miles of Eugene = $50

Cold shipped anywhere in the continental US = $400



-You will need to provide your own pouring equipment in order to enjoy a keg of kombucha so be sure to specify what style of keg you need (sanke or corny). We can rent you pouring equipment if needed!

-If you only have a hand-pump tap which uses oxygen instead of CO2 to push the kombucha out of the keg, it is best to consume the kombucha within 2 or 3 days to prevent oxidation for optimal freshness. 

-Kombucha needs to be kept below 37 degrees in order to maintain proper flavor, carbonation, and alcohol level. 

A home kegerator is the best option for a keg, but a tub of ice can do the trick for a one or two day event. 

-Keg orders may take up to two weeks to be delivered.


Once the keg is empty, please bring it to the following address in order to get your keg deposit back:

Elevate Kombucha

150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd

Suite 103

Eugene, OR 97401


Please let us know if you have any questions.


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